Frank edits Lois Rodden’s Profiles of Women book; he founds Flare Publications and begins writing British Entertainers; he begins writing the astrology column for Candis magazine (from the March 1997 issue) – a job that continues until 2009.


Frank begins Data Plus UK magazine with Sally Davis; publishes British Entertainers: the Astrological Profiles in late May (first edition) and September; compiles The Clifford Data Compendium for Solar Fire; writes columns and phone lines for Marie Claire; starts writing articles for Astrolore, The Astrological Journal, Transit and Lois Rodden’s Data News; appears on various TV shows for live phone-ins; interviewed by The Daily Mirror.


Frank continues writing astrology columns and phonelines.


Frank publishes The Essentials of Hand Analysis booklet; through Flare, he publishes Shorthand of the Soul: The Quotable Horoscope by David Hayward.


Frank publishes The Sun Sign Reader by Joan Revill, The Draconic Chart by Rev. Pamela Crane and Astrology in the Year Zero by Garry Phillipson; he also produces two astrology booklets Mars and Venus with Anna Stuart (Fiona Graham); revises The Clifford Data Compendium for Solar Fire.


Frank signs a book deal with Rider (Random House) and begins writing Palmistry 4 Today; he begins lecturing in astrology with an evening talk to the Royal Overseas League.


Palmistry 4 Today is published by Rider; Frank lectures at the LSE, the SSPP, the LSA and various astrology groups; he is profiled in The Guardian and interviewed on various BBC radio stations; he also works with Universal Studios.


Foreign versions of Palmistry 4 Today are published in Dutch and Spanish; Frank signs a book deal with Hamlyn for a new palmistry book; he lectures at the Inner Potential Centre and begins co-running the Bromley Astrological Association (until 2007); a new version of British Entertainers is published; Frank is interviewed on various radio shows and by The Sun newspaper wanting to know the whereabouts of then-missing Saddam Hussein!


Frank takes over The London School of Astrology and lectures at various astrology groups, Sussex Downs College and his first Astrological Association Conference; he teaches his first annual palmistry course at the LSA; Frank starts writing for Reveal magazine, plus various online sites including Astrodatabank; the Italian version of Palmistry 4 Today is published; Hamlyn publishes Palm Reading; Frank is interviewed for the Serbian astrology magazine Astrologos; he appears twice on Sky One’s Russell Grant Show; he begins working with singer-songwriter Sarah Jane Morris on media projects and promotional work.


Frank continues as astrologer to Reveal magazine (until 2007), and his column is featured in an episode of EastEnders; he writes for the US magazine Quick & Simple (until December 2006); Frank begins to help with the running of the Society for the Study of Physiological Patterns (later the Life Patterns Society) until 2007; he begins a regular teaching slot on the Psychology Course for London Metropolitan University; he is profiled in The Daily Mirror; Frank contributes a foreword to one of his favourite books, Lunar Shadows II, by Dietrech Pessin (republished in 2010 as Lunar Shadows III).


Frank edits and publishes The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook by Sue Tompkins, and Jupiter and Mercury: An A to Z by Paul Wright; he lectures at the AA Conference; Frank begins the first annual Hand Analysis Conference at the LSA; he is asked to appear on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here UK show; he writes for Vision magazine; he is interviewed for a TV documentary on the comedy show Little Britain; Frank fundraises with Make Some Noise for Great Ormond Street Hospital; he is profiled in The Daily Express.


Frank publishes The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas; Palm Reading cards are published; Frank lectures at the AA Conference and organises the Life Patterns Society Conference and edits/writes their newsletter; he is interviewed by the Oxford University Press as a subject for their EFL courses on DVD; Frank is interviewed for the TV documentary on Danny Boyle’s feature film Sunshine.


Frank writes two articles for The Mountain Astrologer (including a cover story on President Obama) and begins a new column for The Astrological Journal; he writes for Soul and Spirit magazine and the Forturi website; Frank writes course material for the Mayo School; he is interviewed for and featured in The High-Heeled Guide to Enlightenment by Alice Grist (pub. date Autumn 2009) and interviewed on Norwegian radio; he lectures at the United Astrology Congress (UAC) in Denver and the AA Conference again; he co-founds The Astrology Student Conference with the Mayo School of Astrology.


Frank compiles and publishes The Astrologer’s Book of Charts; he begins writing ‘Data Compendium’ for the ISAR Journal; he revises and publishes Palmistry 4 Today; Frank organises the first Astrology and Music Conference; he lectures in Amsterdam for Faye Cossar’s school and at Hakan Kirkoglu’s Wisdom of the Sky school in Turkey with Melanie Reinhart; Frank lectures at various other conferences (including two talks the Astrological Association) and returns to Sue Dibnah’s school in Hull; he begins a post-Diploma study group at the LSA and a new palmistry course.


Frank begins a regular column for The Mountain Astrologer called ‘Horoscope Detective’; he lectures in Turkey in May and celebrates the Uranus ingress into Aries in a hot air balloon over Cappadocia; he publishes two booklets for LSA students: Astro Mind Maps (Kim Farley) and 101 Questions for the Student Astrologer (Jane Struthers); he begins co-publishing Flare ebooks with a leading publisher (Faber & Faber) and Flare’s books are published in various languages; he lectures at various conferences and groups including ones in the Midlands, Bath, Blackheath, Devon, Edinburgh and Glasgow; Frank lectures at the College of Psychic Studies with Robin Lown, organises another Palmistry Conference at the LSA and gives a double-session talk at the Astrological Lodge; he writes an article on the history of data collection for the NCGR Journal and attends the NCGR Conference in February 2010; Frank creates The Astrologers’ Booklist with Alice Ekrek for The Astrological Journal and project manages an article on Derek Bird for the magazine; he records a podcast on The Astrology of Humour for The Astrology Show.


Frank publishes a small volume Solar Arc Directions in spring and writes a textbook for students and astrologers, Getting to the Heart of Your Chart, in the autumn/winter; he is invited to give consultations at the Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath and lectures at Ston Easton Park Hotel; Frank organises the 6th Annual Palmistry Conference and 4th Astrology Student Conference; he returns to lecture at the Astrological Conference and to groups in Bath, Woking, Oxford, Plymouth, Birmingham, Amsterdam, Edinburgh and Glasgow and, with Wendy Stacey, is the guest speaker at the Bolton Conference; he attends Deborah Houlding’s Horary Course in Scotland; he continues to write for The Mountain Astrologer (including a feature article on Republican presidential candidates), The ISAR Journal and The Astrological Journal, and contributes a piece on Shadow Transits for; Frank starts a new Palmistry beginners’ course at the LSA in the autumn; continues to see clients and teach students at the LSA.


Frank begins the year teaching Solar Arc, the Midheaven, and chart synthesis in Melbourne at his first of four consecutive FAA conferences; he is interviewed on palmistry for the show Stars in the City; Frank returns to The Royal Crescent Hotel to give consultations; his piece on the history of data collecting (already published in The Astrological Journal, The ISAR Journal and The NCGR Journal) is posted on Deborah Houlding’s Skyscript website; his textbook Getting to the Heart of Your Chart is published in April and follows his first webinar on the same subject (with the Mayo School of Astrology); May sees the publication of From Symbol to Substance by Richard Swatton and a first book from Faye Cossar, Using Astrology to Create a Vocational Profile, and a collection of essays on astrology by 14 young authors (Astrology: The New Generation), which is launched at UAC in May, where Frank talks on Pluto: A History and Biography of America; in June, the books are launched at Barry Street’s landmark Astrology Shop in Covent Garden; Frank organises a Tarot Conference for the LSA and a 5 Ways to Understand Yourself workshop with talks on graphology, tarot, numerology, astrology and palmistry; in August, Frank lectures with Wendy Stacey in Istanbul; in September, Frank opens the Astrological Association Conference with a plenary called Speaking Your Chart. That night he is given The Charles Harvey Award for Exceptional Service to Astrology. Frank returns to Birmingham to lecture, gives a webinar on Solar Arcs for the Mayo School and an online class to a palmistry group in Amsterdam. In December, Frank gives various newspaper and TV interviews while teaching in China, where the Press dub him ‘the Dean of the Harry Potter School’!


Frank starts the year teaching in China at the Science Museum in Shenzhen and for a book club; in February, Frank launches a blog in Chinese on Weibo, and the long-awaited revision of The Draconic Chart by Pamela Crane is published; Skyscript publishes Frank’s article on T-squares; he teaches a seminar at the Astrological Lodge of London; in April, Frank gives sixteen lectures, tutorials and seminars in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, celebrates his 40th birthday, and interviews a group of Australian actors for a forthcoming book; in May, he gives his first ever seminar for the renowned Centre for Psychological Astrology, and later in the year returns to the Astrological Association Conference and Aquarius Rising in Glasgow; Frank is the first ever Guest Editor of The Mountain Astrologer for their June/July issue on interpretation; in August, he travels to Philadelphia to lecture at his first NCGR Conference and then on to New York with Wendy Stacey, and will spend part of December in Bali teaching palmistry.


In January, Frank travels to China, Japan and Australia (the FAA Conference in Hobart, Tasmania) to teach at various schools and conferences – the memorable trip includes being granted access to star maps at a temple in Kyoto especially opened for Frank and meeting pianist (Shine) David Helfgott in Hobart; in February (and again in May), he gives his first online webinar for Astrology University (AU), and later that month teaches again for the CPA (both talks are on Awkward Planetary Combinations, the topic of his new series of articles for The Mountain Astrologer); in March, The Mountain Astrologer’s special Music Issue (April–May) is published, with Frank once again acting as Guest Editor; Frank gives an online webinar for the Mayo School and a two-part Palmistry course in March.

Frank celebrates 25 years in astrology and 10 years running the LSA by arranging a special boat trip on the Thames with 100 friends and current/former students; from May to September he teaches in Amsterdam (on three occasions), in London the Summer Skies/Astrology Student Conference, in Warsaw for the first time, in Birmingham, online for Breaking Down the Borders, at the Astrological Association Conference and Astrological Lodge (giving the prestigious Carter Memorial Lecture in both places), and to a standing-room only audience at his first ISAR Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. At the AA, Frank presents Wendy Stacey with The Charles Harvey Award; in September, he publishes Horoscope Snapshots: Essays in Modern Astrology, a collection of 18 essays (some are new and others are from various publications). Towards the end of the year, Frank lectures on Palmistry at the LSA, on consultations at the Lodge, again for the CPA, and online for Breaking Down the Borders, and returns to his friends in Preston to give a talk for the annual Norther Lights Christmas Lunch.


In January, Frank’s Carter Memorial Lecture (on the first and final degrees of the signs) is published by new editor Victor Olliver in The Astrological Journal and his article with Samuel Reynolds on the astrology of Alex Haley and Roots is published in The Mountain Astrologer; in January Frank presents the first lecture (a tribute to Dennis Elwell and his Carter Memorial Lecture) of the Astrological Lodge’s Centenary year celebrations; during the year, he guest edits three issues on forecasting for The Mountain Astrologer; in February and March, Frank travels to California and lectures for the NCGR group in Sacramento and two in San Francisco, as well as spending time with the Mountain Astrologer team in Grass Valley; in April, the LSA has its second Thames boat trip; Frank writes an in-depth profile of Queen Elizabeth II for The Astrological Journal and a chapter on writing for OPA’s book The Professional Astrologer; in May, he flies to Boulder, Colorado, to give two workshops, and lectures four times at his first Norwac conference in Seattle, Washington (one is a keynote on Humour in the Horoscope: The Astrology of Comedy, the title of a new mini-book published later in the year along with Love, Sex and Attraction); Frank begins a new column entitled ‘Moments in Time’ for The Mountain Astrologer; in October he returns to Holland to speak for Dick van der Mark’s organisation; during the year, Frank also lectures for the CPA, Mayo School, Cosmic Intelligence Agency, Kepler College, MISPA, RubiCon, and AU, and travels to Oslo for a conference; he co-hosts three classes at the Lodge with LSA students; in October, he arranges a special dinner in honour of Liz Greene.


The year begins with the publication of Frank’s The Midheaven: Spotlight on Success, and Frank being featured in The Independent, and returning to China (to speak for a business school at a university and to a bank in Guangzhou) and Australia (for GCAS in the Gold Coast, the FAA Conference in Sydney, where his surprise guest for his pre-conference workshop is legendary actress Rowena Wallace); in February, he travels with Wendy Stacey to Athens for a Mayo School conference; Frank continues to write for The Mountain Astrologer (including guest editing an issue on synastry and articles on US First Ladies and on the astrology of fame) and The Astrological Journal.

In April, Frank travels to Dallas and Fort Lauderdale to teach weekends for various groups; a month later, he publishes Dialogues: Tools for the Working Astrologer (a co-write with Mark Jones) and travels once again to teach in San Francisco, Sacramento and for Norwac in Seattle (where he gives the Saturday after-dinner stand-up comedy talk ‘Speaking Your Chart’ and receives a standing ovation).

Frank also lectures at John Wadsworth’s group in Glastonbury, for the Astrological Lodge and online for AU, Breaking Down the Borders, Astrology Hub and Damian Rocks’s DPTA course, and returns to the Bolton and Birmingham astrology groups, and continues running courses at the LSA throughout the year; in September, ISAR awards Frank the Best Article 2014–2016 for his work on the Power Degrees of the Zodiac, which is also published in The Astrological Quarterly.


Frank organises another Palmistry Conference in February, which leads to a new Diploma Course starting in September at the LSA with Johnny Fincham; Frank continues to lecture at the LSA and for AU, and lectures online for the NCGR chapter in Mexico City and gives his first seminar in Monterrey, Mexico in July; The Mountain Astrologer publishes the first two of his planet compendiums (on Mercury and Uranus) and Frank writes his third article (on vocation) for Kelly Surtees’ Wellbeing magazine. In July and August, Frank gives interviews for the BBC World Service, for an astrology show in Taiwan (Tang’s Magic Trip) presented by Jesse Tang, for the Astrological Association’s YouTube channel, and for Anne Whitaker’s website (Writing from the Twelfth House). In September, Flare publishes Faye Blake’s Vocational Astrology, a new version of Faye Cossar’s Using Astrology to Create a Vocational Profile, and publishes an updated version of Frank’s Getting to the Heart of Your Chart (both are released simultaneously on ebook).

2017 also sees the 10th annual Astrology Student Conference, Frank’s 10th time speaking at the Astrological Association annual conference, his 14th year owning/running the LSA, and his 55th article for The Mountain Astrologer (two articles in the Dec 2008 and Apr 2009 issues, followed by a series of articles [totalling 53] that appear in 46 consecutive issues from June 2010 to December 2017).

Frank also begins an online Professional Forecasting Course with the Beijing-based astrology company New Moon. It proves to be a successful start to their collaboration. At the end of the year, Frank is nominated for a Regulus Award for Enhancing the Professional Image of Astrology.


Frank begins the year in Beijing teaching for the New Moon astrology company and handing out certificates from the recent online forecasting course. He also travels to Japan in January and returns to Australia for his fourth FAA Conference in Melbourne. While in Australia, he also lectures for the Brisbane group and for Gerry Taylor-Wood’s group in Mount Tamborine.

On the only sunny day in February, the LSA celebrates new certificate and diploma holders with one hundred other students and friends on a boat trip down the Thames. Frank runs his online forecasting course with students attending from over a dozen countries. Frank contributes another planetary compilation to The Mountain Astrologer and arranges a celebration of notable astrologers from the past in a special tribute edition for TMA’s 200th issue. Later in the year, he continues to write his Moments in Time column and longer features (including a two-parter on the Midheaven) and edit essays for TMA from other writers.

In March, Frank teaches for the Oxford Astrology Group and spends his birthday in April at a mediumship development course with the legendary Gordon Smith. He also returns to the Lodge and teaches online for ISAR. May sees the publication of The Solar Arc Handbook and The Book of Music Horoscopes before Frank heads off to UAC in Chicago, where he gives two lectures to a standing-room only crowd. In June, he teaches an online electional course for China and makes his 11th teaching visit to the Astrological Association’s annual conference.

Over the summer, Frank hosts Melanie Reinhart and Dick van der Mark for a special weekend of centaur work, launches the LSA’s first Summer School (with guests Brian Clark, Armand Diaz and Debbie Frank), and lectures on solar returns for AU. He also gives an interview for the popular YoYo show in China, signs a deal to have various lectures and his Heart book translated into Japanese, lectures for OPA online, begins a horoscope synthesis course for China, and visits Glasgow to talk on vocational astrology. In October, he opens the first AU Summit, is interviewed again for Celestial Vibes, records a podcast on music and astrology and an online interview with Cynthia Rose. A month later, Frank begins teaching his first online Palmistry/Hand Analysis course. Frank is also interviewed for Bustle and for The New Statesman on tarot and the millennials.


Frank begins a busy year by visiting Beijing and Guangzhou to teach locational astrology and hand analysis/palmistry for the New Moon astrology company. While in China, he is interviewed for the popular YoYo TV show three times and for New Moon’s TV show. In January, he completes work on a revised edition of his palmistry book for Hamlyn, now retitled The Palm Reading Guide (to be published by Ilex in the UK in August and US in September). In February, he films a masterclass on the astrology of love and relating (to be released in the summer by Watkins Publishing) and begins a new forecasting course online for New Moon students in China.

In April (and again in October), he opens another Astrology Summit for AU by lecturing to 5000 people online and AU also re-runs his Professional Forecasting in Astrology Certificate Course. That month, Frank lectures in Turkey and at the Zorlu Center in Istanbul, and completes another themed issue (on Women of Consequence) for The Mountain Astrologer. Frank is also the subject of a five-page profile by Hello! magazine. In May–June, he travels to Seattle to give talks, a workshop and a keynote for the Norwac conference, then to Edmonton, Canada, and on to California to teach for various NCGR groups. He returns to be interviewed for the China Global Television Network (CGTN).

In early summer, Frank’s Heart textbook and a handful of webinars are translated into Japanese and launched by Grand Trine in Tokyo. He also gives an interview for a science programme on the NHK channel in Japan. In July, he finishes the layout and production for the fourth book by Brian Clark, The Artistry of Astrology. In August, The Palm Reading Guide is featured in Glamour, Grazia and Natural Health magazines, and Frank gives a seminar in Mexico.

In the autumn, Frank hosts another Astrology Student Conference with Wendy Stacey, records classes for AU’s 4-year program, and launches online classes for the LSA at the new site He ends a busy year with a ten-page interview and Year Ahead feature for Hello! magazine, published on 25 December.


Frank begins his year lecturing in Tokyo and launching the Japanese version of his Heart textbook. He moves on to teach in Beijing (and is interviewed for the popular YoYo TV show) and then at the FAA Conference (his 5th) in Melbourne.

During the lockdown period, Frank gives lectures for ISAR (March), an electional astrology weekend for Turkish students (April), another AU summit (April) and lectures/classes for AU. He begins vocational astrology (April) and relationship astrology (June) courses for New Moon in China. He continues lecturing throughout the year for the LSA and AU, and writing for TMA and the AA’s Journal.

In spring, The Palm Reading Guide is published in Dutch and Spanish. In the summer, Frank stars a relationship astrology course with Turkish translation, and a consultation course for New Moon in China. Various Flare/LSA titles are published as ebooks in the late summer. In September, he lectures to 500 people on the upcoming Jupiter–Saturn conference during the ISAR online conference. The 13th Astrology Student Conference takes place online on 26–27 September with Frank and 22 world-class astrology speakers talking to hundreds of astrology students. Frank signs a deal to have his Palmistry 4 Today book translated into Japanese. In October, he begins another year of the LSA and records two interviews with Jack Black of Mindstore. In November Frank presents for the 5th Breaking Down the Borders Conference and in December teaches for Nadiya Shah’s online school. The year ends with Elle (China) and Hello (Turkey) publishing Frank’s guide to 2021, and the popular Yoyo Show in China filming his forecast.


Frank begins his year lecturing online for ARI/Grand Trine and launching the LSA in Japan. He also takes part in Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle as a guide for January, and continues teaching for New Moon (horary, forecasting, vocational astrology), the company that runs his astrology courses in China. Frank begins a year of fundraising by donating his fee from an ISAR Intensive to a charity helping refugees (Step by Step), and teaching palmistry to fundraise for the Harry Edwards Sanctuary in February. Frank teaches palmistry for both Synchronicity University and the Empowered Astrology Conference in March, and during his 14th Astrology Student Conference in April for the LSA and Mayo schools. He also teaches for ISAR on the MC–IC, zenith and Nadir, and for the New World Order online conference in Turkey. In April, he begins a new run of his palmistry online course. In May, he teaches for two east coast groups: NCGR NYC and ASC in Connecticut. Frank launches a new Q&A service with Astrology Hub called ‘Frank Answers’ and begins a collaboration with the company to produce a series of webinars called ‘Reframing Astrology’. In June, Frank speaks on Draconic Astrology for a karmic astrology conference and later for OPA. In July, Frank publishes a fifth volume from Brian Clark: Astrological Time. All year Frank writes his regular Data News column for The Astrological Journal and guest edits and writes for The Mountain Astrologer. September brings a new conference, Embracing the Community, and the annual Palmistry Conference returns in October. Frank is also interviewed by Kathy Rose for her Maverick series, by Stefanie James for her Stellium Astrology Podcast, and by Astro Viktor for his YouTube channel. Frank ends the year teaching at the LSA, giving a Year Ahead forecast to his students in Japan, China and Turkey, and preparing books and a few special surprises for 2022.


Frank begins the year recording a special interview for the web-series Changing of the Gods, along with a Q&A for viewers. He lectures on Draconic Astrology for NCGR Sacramento and the LSA, and begins new courses online for ARI in Japan (on Synastry and Electional Astrology) and New Moon (on Electional Astrology, Forecasting and Consulting). He is also profiled in ‘My London’ about his work and teaching. He continues to write columns throughout the year for The Mountain Astrologer and The Astrological Journal. In March, Frank launches a new webcast series and website, The Astrology Squad, with co-host Richard Swatton and special guests, which profiles historic figures and contemporary newsmakers: Frank fundraising efforts for various charities continue with an interview at the LSA with the iconic singer–songwriter Boy George. In July, his Palmistry 4 Today book is published in Japanese and Frank promotes the book in the media with interviews and lectures. Frank develops new talks on the astrology of kink and fetish and the astrology of crime. In August he is nominated for two awards at the 2022 ISAR conference.

In August, he finishes his first non-astrology/palmistry book, a fund-raising book for Claire House Children’s Hospice in Liverpool entitled ‘Gonna Live Forever: A Tribute to Fame.’ In September, he teaches a new Teaching and Presenting Astrology course, followed by courses on forecasting and electional astrology to several hundred people. In October, Frank is interviewed by the BBC about the upcoming eclipse and begins his 20th year as head of the London School of Astrology.


Frank begins a busy year ahead with new LSA courses on horary astrology, a set of Astro-Detective sessions (with guest Melanie Reinhart), more Astrology Squad videos, and fundraisers for various small charities. He continues teaching for his schools in China and Japan, and gives interviews for various podcasts (Astro Viktor, the Soul Collective, Celestial Compass, and the Modern Astrology Summit). In June, Frank promotes the Japanese translation of his forecasting title, The Solar Arc Handbook, with an interview and lecture online with top Japanese astrologer Ryuji Kagami. In the summer, Frank creates a new YouTube channel, Astrologer Frank Answers and runs a new course, The Art of Chart Analysis. In November, he runs a weekend on The Art of Locational Astrology. He spends the final months of the year preparing ebooks of the remainder of his titles, and preparing a special Celebration of Astrology at the Royal Albert Hall (30 March 2024).


Frank begins the year in Florida, then teaching for the LSA and his schools in China and Japan. He also gives interviews for various podcasts (Celestial Compass, Reydiant Reality) and begins a new series of Monday night lectures (Ask the Expert Astrologer). In February, he teaches another weekend of horary astrology with Richard Swatton. On 30 March, Frank hosts a sell-out gala event (A Celebration of Astrology) at the Royal Albert Hall for the children’s charity Awesomage. In April, Frank records his third talk for Suzanne Gerber’s astrology summit, and he is featured in the New York Post.

Upcoming projects/lecture tours:

• A series of LSA student volumes (2024)
• Various non-astrology books (2024)
• A Horary book by Richard Swatton and Frank (2024)
• Training courses on palmistry (Oct 2024), consulting (Nov 2024) and electional (March 2025) astrology
• A lecture/media tour in the US (May 2024) and Australia (January 2025)