Modern Hand Analysis & Palmistry

A Diploma Course

Running from 16 April 2021 to 16 July 2021

with Frank Clifford of The London School of Astrology; Tel: +44 (0) 20 8402 7772

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The Course

Discover the skills, tools and techniques you’ll need to become a successful hand reader. Learn your craft with one of the world’s leading palmists, Frank Clifford of The London School of Astrology.

In this unique, self-contained course, Frank will:

Show how to read personality traits, aptitudes and needs from the hand

Help you to detect important signs found in the palm

Offer simple ways to construct clear and useful interpretations

Teach you timing techniques

Work with case studies from his client files, famous people and course students

Along the way, you’ll be introduced to many helpful tips and considerations gathered by Frank during his 25 years as a consulting palmist. Students will also be sent various articles written by Frank and other palmists. All are welcome and no prior knowledge of palmistry is necessary.

The Structure

There are 10 one-hour, pre-recorded lessons and up to 8 hours of live Q&A with Frank. Each week, one pre-recorded (video and sound) class will be uploaded for you to access and, during the course, there will also be four live, 2-hour Q&A sessions with Frank. These Q&A sessions will be recorded, too, if students are unable to attend live. (See the schedule below.)

During your time studying with us, Frank will be in touch regularly with you and you’ll be encouraged to submit questions (about the course content and your own hands) during the course dates. Most of these will be answered in the Q&A sessions.

All class links/recordings will remain open to students until the Diploma exam deadline on 1 November 2021.

Principles of Palmistry: Our Approach

A study of palmistry can offer clear insights into our innate character, our needs and desires as well as our attitudes to current circumstances. It can help us diagnose recurring problems in relationships, uncover the true expectations and needs of others and recognize the games we play and the unhelpful roles we can sometimes assume. It can reassure us about our talents, reveal our life challenges and herald opportunities. Rather than revealing a fixed pattern – an unalterable destiny – our hands impart substantial information about our temperament, personality and current motivations and drives. Our hands are living symbols of our life as it currently stands.

Your Tutor: Frank Clifford

Frank has written a dozen books on astrology and palmistry, guest edited The Mountain Astrologer many times, and given over 1000 talks, lectures and seminars in over a dozen countries to students, companies, banks and universities. His two books, Palmistry 4 Today (Random House/Ride 2002, new edition: Flare 2009) and Palm Reading (Hamlyn 2004, new edition, The Palm Reading Guide, Ilex 2019), have been translated into a dozen languages. He began running the London School of Astrology in 2004 and has since helped to bring a new generation to astrology and palmistry. In 2012, Frank won a lifetime achievement honour (The Charles Harvey Award) for his contribution to astrology, and ISAR honoured him with a writing award in 2016. A Regulus Award nomination for Professional Image followed at UAC 2018.

Homework, Assignments and the LSA Diploma in Palmistry

There are ten assignments (all found in the Flare version of Palmistry 4 Today). These are optional, marked by Frank and the LSA, and included in the price of the course. Those of you who pass all ten assignments set by the LSA will receive a Diploma in Palmistry from The London School of Astrology.

At a couple of stages in the course, you will be given advice on how to complete these questions. We shall encourage you to start the assignments while participating in the course but you will have over three months after the final Q&A to finish the assignments. The official deadline to submit everything is 1 November 2021.

There will be some additional homework and reading set for you to complete in your own time – this will not be marked, but it will be an opportunity for you to study your own hands as you progress through the course.


The fees below include all tuition, marking of assignments (there will be a small, additional fee of £30 for any re-takes) and mailing of the final LSA Diplomas. You can pay online with bank/credit card at (click on Courses) or use the PayPal button here to pay in UK Sterling, or call/email the LSA office on +44 (0) 208 402 7772 ( to receive our bank details or pay by phone.

      Course fee for the current or next course: £290 (approx US$390, €330, Aus$570)


You will need a copy of Frank’s Palmistry 4 Today (2009 edition or later, £14.99 + postage) available on Amazon, at The Astrology Shop in Covent Garden (London) or via You’ll need a lino ink roller (102 mm) and lino block printing ink (black) at the start of the course (available from art shops or online from Palm kits are now available from in the Buy Books page below the book Palmistry 4 Today but it may be cheaper/faster to visit glsed’s international website and order there.

The Schedule Week by Week

The first video will be released on Friday 16 April 2021 and every Friday from then on (except when we have Q&A sessions scheduled). You can enrol and complete your classes and assignments at any time before the final assignment deadline. You will be encouraged to submit questions and your own palm prints for the live Q&A sessions. The schedule below is a general outline and subject to some alteration, as we may adapt to your needs/questions as we go through the course.

Session 1. Available from 16 April

Introduction; general principles; handedness; first impressions; taking prints

Session 2. Available from 23 April

Hand regions; shape and size; taking prints; further reading and websites

Q&A 1. Friday 30 April 2021 • Live (and recorded) Q&A with Frank (2 hours – all students will be sent a link to join the online forum). 20:00 UK time.

Session 3. Available from 7 May


Session 4. Available from 14 May

More on the fingers: print patterns; finger positioning; phalanges; rings; clubbed thumbs 

Session 5. Available from 21 May

The major lines; extra markings on the major lines

Q&A 2. Friday 28 May 2021 • Live (and recorded) Q&A with Frank (2 hours – all students will be sent a link to join the online forum). 20:00 UK time.

Session 6. Available from 4 June

Recap; help with assignments

Session 7. Available from 11 June

Introducing assignment 4; timing the hand

Session 8. Available from 18 June

Love, sex and relationships; introducing assignments 6 and 7

Q&A 2. Friday 25 June 2021 • Live (and recorded) Q&A with Frank (2 hours – all students will be sent a link to join the online forum). 20:00 UK time.

Session 9. Available from 2 July

Health matters; introducing assignments 8 and 9

Session 10. Available from 9 July

Success, money, leadership and career; guide to tackling consultations

Q&A 4. Friday 16 July 2021 • Live (and recorded) Q&A with Frank (2 hours – all students will be sent a link to join the online forum). 20:00 UK time

Deadline for assignments: 1 November 2021.

Direct contact details for students enrolled:


Telephone: +44 (0) 208 402 7772