Book Donations to the LSA

In addition to the funding initiative below, each year The London School of Astrology receives donations of second hand astrology books from students and astrologers from all over the UK. We sell these at our regular Saturday seminars (open to all in London), providing attendees/students with a chance to buy astrology books at highly discounted rates. Monies made at these bookstalls then go towards funding scholarships to non-LSA events, such as the annual summer Astrological Association Conference run by the AAGB.

Latest book fundraising bursary: AA 2018 Conference, £225 in total to three LSA students (AM, AA, KD).

If you would like to donate books for these purposes, please get in touch with Frank Clifford for further details:

The Book of Music Horoscopes

Compiled by Frank C. Clifford

Over 500 horoscopes of pop, rock, soul, rap, dance, Latin, stage, jazz, folk and country performers. Over 30 essays on the astrology of music from Lynn Bell, Carole Bone, Tim Burness, Emily Chow-Kambitsch, Brian Clark, Frank Clifford, Armand Diaz, Sue Farebrother, Kim Farley, Michele Finey, Steven Forrest, Franco, Mari Garcia, Hannah Glover, Tony Howard, Stefanie James, Mark Jones, Mandi Lockley, Diana McMahon-Collis, Paul F Newman, Shawn Nygaard, Victor Olliver, Fernanda Paiva, Deborah Perera, Glenn Perry, Kathy Rose, Alexander von Schlieffen, Sy Scholfield, Bruce Scofield, Neil Spencer, Pete Watson and Michelle Young.

Buy this book from any seller and proceeds will go into a scholarship fund designed to help student and professional astrologers in need of financial assistance attend major (non-LSA) conferences worldwide.

To apply for funds, please email Frank Clifford at with your contact details and details of the conference you wish to attend. This offer is open to everyone.

We will be posting updates from August 2018. Thank you in advance for helping this fundraising project.