The Astrology Quartet. A compendium

Frank C. Clifford


A compendium of four mini-books by Frank Clifford.

Part I: The Midheaven (MC) has much to say about our reputation and public image, and, as part of an axis, our parental messages and family inheritance. Frank offers new insights from his years of research into the MC–IC axis.

Part II: The Astrology of Love Sex & Attraction is a sparkling and entertaining guide packed with practical advice and astrological insights into your relationship needs and sex life. Discover how the love planet Venus shapes your heart, how the passion planet Mars charges your sex drive, what you bring to intimate partnerships, and what turns you on and off.

Part III: With the help of numerous horoscopes of well-known comedians, Frank Clifford has put together a unique volume of charts, observations and wicked one-liners that well and truly hit the astrological funnybone.

Part IV: Take your predictive astrology to a new level with Solar Arc Directions, a remarkably accurate and easy-to-master forecasting tool. All you ever need to know about Solar Arcs is packed inside this informative manual, presented clearly and concisely.

The Midheaven: Spotlight on Success

Frank C. Clifford


The Midheaven (MC) is a fundamental, but rarely examined, point in the horoscope. As the most elevated angle of the chart, it is the area associated with success, achievement and recognition. As part of an axis, it has much to say about our reputation and public image (MC) as well as early parental messages and our psychological inheritance (IC). Our MC reveals the ways in which we can contribute meaningfully to the world around us, while the IC shows that which might drive us unconsciously or areas we are prone to ignore. The challenge of the MC/IC axis is to grow and become our own construct (MC) without putting the past in the shade (IC). In this absorbing volume, astrologer, teacher and consultant Frank Clifford (author of Getting to the Heart of Your Chart and Palmistry 4 Today) offers many original insights from his years of research into: the signs on the MC/IC; aspects from the planets; and the ways in which the MC works with the Sun and Ascendant signs.

Dialogues: Tools for the Working Astrologer

Frank C. Clifford & Mark Jones


Four Essays. Two Astrologers. One Dialogue.

Dialogues explores the power and efficacy, that are generated in the astrological consultation when an active exchange takes place between astrologer and client. Join two international astrologers and lecturers, Mark Jones (The Pluto School) and Frank Clifford (The London School of Astrology), as they examine:

  • Potential traps for the counselling astrologer
  • The importance of Mercury in consultation
  • The transformational potential of astrology
  • Tools to use when preparing for a chart analysis

Horoscope Snapshots

Frank C. Clifford

In Horoscope Snapshots, discover:

- The deeper, hidden sides to your Sun sign
- How your Sun, Moon and Ascendant differ
- The real nature of Jupiter
- Parental significators and childhood 'scripts'
- How to identify your planetary type
- The key vocational indicators in your chart
- Forecasting tools, including the pivotal Saturn Return
- The role of Pluto in America

Along the way, you'll see astrology brought to life in the modern world with essays on famous vocalists, the USA's horoscope, the links between interviewers and their subjects, and much more.

Getting to the Heart of Your Chart

Frank C. Clifford


When looking at a birth chart, where do we begin? How do we assess what's most important? How do we spot themes in the horoscope without getting lost in too much detail? Based on many years' experience with clients and researching thousands of horoscopes, Frank Clifford offers a methodical 'way in' to understanding the essentials areas and dynamics of any horoscope. Filling an important gap in the market, this new volume includes dozens of case studies and horoscopes, and many new observations that'll change your way of working with astrology.

Solar Arc Directions

Frank C. Clifford

Take your predictive astrology to a new level with Solar Arc Directions, a remarkably accurate and easy-to-master forecasting tool. This book will help you:

  • Watch the potential of the chart unfold over time
  • Learn to track key life phases at a glance - and time these with accuracy
  • Sharpen your interpretive skills with many real life examples

All you'll ever need to know about Solar Arcs is packed inside this informative manual, presented clearly and concisely. There's also an introduction to Shadow Transits, an indispensable new method that connects directions to transits.

Humour in the Horoscope: The Astrology of Comedy

Frank C. Clifford

Which areas of the horoscope reveal our sense of humour? Do certain planets link with particular types of comedy and comedian? Are there specific factors that stand out in the horoscopes of famous comedians and those friends and colleagues who make us laugh? With the help of numerous horoscopes of well-known comedians, Frank Clifford has put together a unique volume of charts, observations and wicked one-liners that well and truly hit the astrological funnybone.Download data list (PDF).

The Astrology of Love, Sex & Attraction

Frank C. Clifford & Fiona Graham



Written by two top media astrologers, The Astrology of Love, Sex & Attraction is a sparkling and entertaining guide packed with practical advice and astrological insights into your relationship needs and sex life. Discover: * how the love planet Venus shapes your heart * how the passion planet Mars charges your sex drive * what you bring to intimate partnerships * what turns you on and off.

Palmistry 4 Today (2010 US Revised Edition)

Frank C. Clifford


This acclaimed volume gives you immediate access to the mysteries of the hand. In 4 easy-to-follow-steps, this innovate book presents:

  • The Palm Detective: Grasp personality traits and emotional needs quickly
  • Timing Techniques: Learn to time and forecast life events with accuracy
  • Love, Health and career: Discover instant answers to your most essential questions about relationships, sex, health, work and money
  • Palmistry in Action: Practise by studying real life examples

This completely revised edition includes assignments for a Diploma Course in Hand Analysis. Published in five languages, Palmistry 4 Today has become the modern textbook on the subject for students and palmists across the world.

Vocational Astrology

Faye Blake


Vocational Astrology offers practical, innovative solutions for dealing
with work, career and vocational questions – for both you and your

With the help of this groundbreaking guide, you can use astrology to:
• Identify talents, motivations and blocks
• Create a C.V., design a website and build a social media profile
• Define tangible goals and awaken your life purpose and passion

Along the way, Faye Blake shares valuable tips on how to develop
your own career path, set up an astrology practice and dialogue with
clients to help them reach their career goals.

Astrology: The New Generation

Various Authors


Meet fourteen ascending stars, all of whom are at the forefront of the current astrological revival. Each member of this celestial coalition has contributed an essay reflecting their area of expertise, from the traditional and mundane to the spiritual, psychological and evolutionary. Astrology: The New Generation is an anthology of techniques and insights that will enhance your astrological skills and understanding. Gary Caton: The Evolutionary Journey of Venus; Frank C. Clifford: The Sun and Midheaven in Vocation; Rebecca Crane: Essential Counseling Skills; Nick Dagan Best: Venus Retrogrades and Returns; Dr. Benjamin Dykes: Time Lords in Traditional Astrology; Maurice Fernandez: Mental Health - A Spiritual Perspective; John Green: The Astrology of the Self; Tony Howard: Pluto in Libra and Scorpio; Mark Jones: The Pluto in Virgo Generation; Keiron Le Grice: The Archetypal Dynamics of Individuation; Eric Meyers: The Planets and Spiritual Awakening; Moses Siregar III: Locational Astrology and A*C*G; Wendy Stacey: Planetary Cycles and Cinema Trends; Branka Stamenkovic: The Lord of the Geniture.

From Symbol To Substance: Training the Astrological Intuition

Richard Swatton


From Symbol to Substance offers various methods and examples, as well as a unique guiding framework, to assist in the training of intuition. Learn to: develop a creative and spontaneous interpretation of any placement; train and enhance intuitive faculties when analysing birth charts; think creatively when exploring symbolism and correspondences.

British Entertainers - The Astrological Profiles

Frank C. Clifford

British Entertainers is an ideal companion for starwatchers and fans of the famous wanting to know the major life events of their favourite celebrities. Discover the real personalities of the famous, whilst examining the astrological stars behind the stars.

  • Understand astrology through the lives and horoscopes of the famous
  • Biographies and birth data of over 800 prominent personalities from the worlds of film, theatre, TV, comedy and music
  • The 2003 edition has many additional features: including celebrity quotes, 350 larger chart wheels, thousands of dated events for research, and improved binding for constant use
  • All data have been meticulously researched and classified

This new edition of the best-selling and acclaimed work combines astrology with concise biographies of over 800 entertainers. It also uncovers the prime indicators of performing talent in birth charts. It is the reference book for researchers and astrologers wishing to explore correlations between life events & character and planetary placements & cycles. This new edition has been voted one of the Top Ten astrology books by Pete Watson on the StarScan website.

The Contemporary Astrologer's Handbook

Sue Tompkins


In her new modern textbook, Sue Tompkins, best-selling author of Aspects in Astrology, presents a complete, authoritative guide to chart interpretation, with an in-depth exploration of the planets, zodiac signs, houses and aspects. Also included are step-by-step instructions for synthesizing the main horoscope factors. Discover how astrology can reveal your personality drives, emotional needs, ambitions, relationship patterns, past and future. Rich in material for beginner and professional alike, there is simply no other book like it. Download chapter (PDF). Copies available from us in Chinese and Czech.

The Astrologer's Book of Charts

Frank C. Clifford


From Dolly to Dali, Nixon to Manson, George Galloway to Greta Garbo, Christine Keeler to Monica Lewinsky. And many newly published accurate, timed charts from Pope Benedict, Linda Goodman, Aaron Spelling and Gillian McKeith to Michael Moore, Anthony Robbins, Anita Roddick and Amy Winehouse.

  • 150 horoscopes and chart worksheets for the student and working astrologer
  • A unique collection of world famous contemporary and historical figures
  • Charts in both Placidus and Equal Houses, sourced and rated for accuracy

Kim Farley's Astro Mind Maps

Kim Farley


An exceptionally handy booklet packed with info including a guide to the planets, signs, elements, modes and houses; mind maps for the signs, planets and aspects; info on Mercury Retrograde; a contemporary history of the outer planets through the signs; an instant ephemeris for the outer planets; and easy to use Ascendant and MC calculators.

The Twelve Houses

Howard Sasportas


From an award-winning psychological astrologer comes the definitive book on the astrological houses. The houses of a horoscope give the reader the means of assessing how their personality (as shown by the planets and signs) will express itself through specific areas of everyday life. The houses describe where the action in their life will take place. This new edition of the best-selling handbook remains a firm favourite among students and professionals, and contains a new foreword by Liz Greene and new tribute essays from Darby Costello, Melanie Reinhart, Erin Sullivan and Laura Boomer-Trent. Download chapter (PDF). Ebook available via Amazon.

Jane Struthers' 101 Astrology Questions for the Student Astrologer

Jane Struthers

101 stimulating and challenging questions to test your understanding and expand your astrological knowledge. Includes 25 horoscope examples.

Shorthand of the Soul

David Hayward


Bridging the gap between astrology and literature. An inspirational collection of over 2000 quotations with astrological references, providing an invaluable tool for professional astrologers and students.

This is a unique anthology embracing every aspect of life. From professional creeds to personal reflections, you'll find David Hayward's collection amusing, provocative and enlightening. It stands solidly as a well-researched and intelligently compiled book of quotations and has a full index and list of keywords.

The Draconic Chart

Rev. Pamela Crane


From the recognised authority on Draconic comes the long-awaited revision of a pioneering masterwork. The fruit of 30 years' study and experience, Pamela Crane's important work is now available in a new, enlarged and revised edition. This trail-blazing volume unravels the history of the Draconic Zodiac and its meaning in the natal chart, synastry, forecasting, rectification and even horary, using a host of well-known examples. The Draconic Chart is an extremely important element in a lucid, multi-layered system in which each zodiac expresses a distinctly different facet of human experience. This book focuses on the interaction between the familiar Tropical chart-describing the conditions of your current life-and the Draconic, with its deep insight into your life meaning: driving principles, spiritual purpose, vocation, and karma. All this as well as documenting Pamela Crane's own impassioned journey from her first apprenticeship to the discovery of the horoscope of Christ's Nativity.

The Sun Sign Reader

Joan Revill


What astrology reveals about authors, books and fictional characters. From a renowned astrology writer comes the ultimate astrological birthday book of fictional events and people for every day of the year.

Drawing from literature, radio and television, The Sun Sign Reader is an indispensable and entertaining cocktail of birthdays and event dates. It breathes new life into numerous classics, contemporary texts and forgotten works.

Find out if there are similarities between those born under the same Sun sign, and build up an understanding of the zodiac by meeting various characters and authors. A stimulating introduction to hundreds of authors and their works, The Sun Sign Reader is a perfect gift for every book lover and a sure way to excite a student's interest in literature.

Enjoy Joan Revill's inimitable English style, humorous observations and incisive assessments of over 400 characters, writers and events.

Astrology in the Year Zero

Garry Phillipson

Based on over thirty interviews with scientific researchers and leading astrological practitioners, Garry Phillipson's landmark book examines the lives and work of contemporary astrologers and considers many of the issues facing this ancient and systematic art, including:

  • Sun Sign (newspaper) astrology
  • Astrology in the business world
  • The growth of psychological astrology
  • The history of astrology and medicine
  • Locational and horary astrology
  • The dilemma of prediction
  • Science's uneasy relationship with astrology

Researched and written over five years, Astrology in the Year Zero is the most thought-provoking, pertinent and controversial critique on the subject ever written.