Frank in Japan, China and Australia
In January 2018, Frank will be travelling to Tokyo, Beijing and Melbourne to give various talks, seminars and lectures. We’ll be posting more details soon, but in the meantime, you can visit the FAA’s conference website about Frank’s visit to Melbourne here.

Frank in Chicago for UAC, May 2018
Frank will appear at his third UAC event in May 2018, speaking on Solar Arc directions and Getting to the Heart of Your Chart. For details, see here.

NEW An Eclipse for Everyone
How the August 2017 eclipse is the beginning of a 27-month phase for us all.

NEW The Trump Birth Time Question
Frank addresses the data of President Trump.

NEW 2017 Interview with Frank Clifford
Frank talks to Infinity magazine about music, humour and astrology.

Neptune at 0° Pisces, by Frank Clifford.
Back in 2011, Frank wrote of what to expect as Neptune transits Pisces. Take a look at what’s already transpired since April 2011. Published in The Astrological Journal (Jan/Feb 2012).

The Power Degrees of the Zodiac, by Frank Clifford.
Published in The Astrological Journal (Jan/Feb 2015). (With thanks to editor Victor Olliver; layout by Cat Keane.) This is a slightly edited version of The Carter Memorial Lecture given by Frank at the Astrological Association Conference in 2014.

Sun Signs and Their Shadow Sides, by Frank Clifford.
Posted on Astrology News Service, September 2013.

Introducing the Houses, by Howard Sasportas.
An excerpt from his landmark book "The Twelve Houses".

A Brief History of Data Collecting, by Frank Clifford.
Posted on Skycript, 2012.

T-squares: An Introduction, by Frank Clifford.
An excerpt from Frank's  "Heart of Your Chart" book, posted on Skycript, March 2013.