2021 News
Frank has joined the popular community Astrology Hub to create a Q&A (Frank Answers) and a series of Empowering Astrology webinars. Frank is spending much of the year fundraising for various non-astrological charities. His LSA Japan was launched in March 2021 and Frank continues to work with New Moon in China. In autumn 2021, Frank will organise two major conferences: the Embracing the Community Conference with Nadiya Shah, and a Palmistry Conference with 11 leading palm readers. Trips to Bulgaria and other countries are in the offing. In May 2021, Frank gave online seminars to groups in New York, Connecticut and Florida, and in August 2022 will travel for the ISAR Conference. The year 2022 will see a new textbook from Frank.
China and Japan
You can visit the LSA China collaboration with New Moon website. Frank's books and webinars have recently been translated into Japanese, too, and in early 2021 LSA Japan was launched. For more details of his courses in Japanese, please click here.
Following his work in Istanbul and interview/photo shoot for Hello! magazine, Frank gave online courses on Electional Astrology and Relationship Astrology to students in Turkey in 2020. They can be found by clicking here.
New Publications
After a busy year writing for The Mountain Astrologer, teaching at the LSA, online and abroad, and publishing Brian Clark's fifth volume, Astrological Time, the year ahead will see new online courses from the LSA, and Flare will publish two more books: a horary volume from Richard Swatton and an astrology textbook from Frank. Frank's second palmistry book, The Palm Reading Guide, was recently republished on by Ilex/Hamlyn. UK Amazon Link; US Amazon Link.

NEW Jupiter–Saturn Conjunction (21 Dec 2020)
In September 2020, Frank lectured for ISAR on the upcoming Jupiter–Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. Here are the slides. (An article based on the talk was published in The Mountain Astrologer in its December 2020 issue.)

NEW Pluto and the US's Chart
In an article written back in 2013, Frank discusses the current astrological climate of Pluto in the US's chart.

Data Collection and Astrology Podcast
Frank Clifford talks about his work in data collection – tracking down accurate birth times for notable figures. We discuss Frank's start in data collection, some of the pitfalls encountered, as well as some of the benefits to astrology. Accurate chart data not only improves our craft, but elevates our understanding. For, as we study hundreds and thousands of charts, we find that astrology is less deterministic than we think.

Forecasting and Astrology Podcast
Mark Jones and Frank Clifford talk about the pitfalls and potentials inherent in astrological forecasting. Can astrology give us specific insight into the future? And is there a problem with negative predictions? Tune in to hear what they say.

Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding
Read about the astrology of the infamous attack on ice-skater Nancy Kerrigan (first published in The Mountain Astrologer).

A Tribute to Lois Rodden
Frank shares his memories of the great astrologer, data collector and founder of AstroDataBank (first published in The Mountain Astrologer).

When John Met Paul
How the horoscope of the first meeting of Lennon and McCartney reveals their creative powers and the events that followed (first published in The Mountain Astrologer).

The Trial of O.J. Simpson
The astrology behind the infamous double murder in Brentwood and the biggest celebrity in US history to go on trial for murder (first published in The Mountain Astrologer).

When Actors Play Real People
Introducing the fascinating astrological connections between actors and the newsworthy people (from Elvis to Tina Turner to Margaret Thatcher) that they play on the big and small screens (first published in The Mountain Astrologer).

Music and Astrology Podcast
Frank Clifford and Nick Dagan Best talk about the links between astrology and music. We find out if Neptune ‘rules’ music and explore planetary correlations with musicians and music genres, as well as the shifts in music styles over time.

Frank's Interview with Cynthia Rose
Frank discusses various philosophies around astrology, the links between astrology and music, and dissects a ‘blind’ horoscope for host Cynthia Rose.

The Astrology of Oprah
How the horoscope of The Oprah Winfrey Show reflects the global impact of its star (first published in The Mountain Astrologer).

Trump’s Muslim Ban
The astrology behind the infamous ban (first published in The Mountain Astrologer).

An Eclipse for Everyone
How the August 2017 eclipse is the beginning of a 27-month phase for us all.

The Trump Birth Time Question
Frank addresses the data of President Trump.

2017 Interview with Frank Clifford
Frank talks to Infinity magazine about music, humour and astrology.

Neptune at 0° Pisces, by Frank Clifford.
Back in 2011, Frank wrote of what to expect as Neptune transits Pisces. Take a look at what’s already transpired since April 2011. Published in The Astrological Journal (Jan/Feb 2012).

The Power Degrees of the Zodiac, by Frank Clifford.
Published in The Astrological Journal (Jan/Feb 2015). (With thanks to editor Victor Olliver; layout by Cat Keane.) This is a slightly edited version of The Carter Memorial Lecture given by Frank at the Astrological Association Conference in 2014.

Sun Signs and Their Shadow Sides, by Frank Clifford.
Posted on Astrology News Service, September 2013.

Introducing the Houses, by Howard Sasportas.
An excerpt from his landmark book "The Twelve Houses".

A Brief History of Data Collecting, by Frank Clifford.
Posted on Skycript, 2012.

T-squares: An Introduction, by Frank Clifford.
An excerpt from Frank's  "Heart of Your Chart" book, posted on Skycript, March 2013.