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    3-4 June 2017 • Astrology Student Conference 2017

    All day
    The Rooms at Browns
    82-84 St Martin's Ln, London WC2N 4AG, UK

    Astrology Student Conference 2017
    Applying Astrological Techniques


    The Rooms at Browns
    (5-8 minutes walk from The Astrology Shop)


    Alexander von Schlieffen • Catherine Blackledge • A.T. Mann • Wendy Stacey  • Bernadette Brady •  Tony Howard • Darby Costello  • Frank Clifford • Richard Swatton  •

    Book here via The Mayo School of Astrology

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    Astrology Student Conference --Spotlight on Success: Your Midheaven Sign by Sign

    All day
    The Rooms at Browns
    82-84 St Martin's Ln, London WC2N 4AG, UK

    Spotlight on Success: Your Midheaven Sign by Sign

    (Included in the Astrology Student Conference.)

    The MC reveals our personal definition of success, what we aspire to be, our reputation and public image, while the IC shows our deep-rooted motivations, psychological inheritance and the parts of ourselves we’re prone to ignore. Today, Frank will offer many original insights into each of the twelve signs found on the MC–IC axis. (Recording available for purchase.)

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    Getting to the Heart of Your Chart

    10:30 -16:45
    Regent’s University
    Inner Cir, London NW1 4NS, UK

    Learn to zoom in to the essential themes of any horoscope and recognize planetary strength. This seminar is designed to help astrologers of all levels identify and prioritize the components, themes and storylines of any horoscope.


    £50, free for LSA students
    Recording available for purchase

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    The Ascendant and Midheaven in Combination

    17:00 -19:00
    Cannot determine address at this location.

    The Ascendant speaks of our open agenda and how we interact, while the Midheaven has links to self-actualization and taking a place in our community. Together, they reveal how we engage in life and the social roles we adopt. But those with Scorpio rising, for instance, will take different routes depending on whether Leo, Virgo or Libra is on the MC.

    Join Frank as he explores many of the 38 possible ASC-MC combinations.
    (Starts 5pm UK time)

    $25 early bird
    $30 after 15 June
    Recording available four purchase

    Online at Astrology University

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    An Introduction to Forecasting

    10:30 -16:45
    Friends House
    173 Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1 2AX, UK

    Learn to make the most of the social and outer planet transits and cycles. This will be a fun day exploring how to plot planetary movements on your own chart and to make sense of the upcoming periods.

    £50 or £45 for LSA students
    Recording available for purchase